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Annual roofing inspection is Sacramento Roofing's standard procedure.

Getting a nice and durable roof depends on the quality of tiles installed. Call Sacramento Roofing for proper advice on your roofing problems. Sacramento Roofing has qualified roofers and a competitive quote to supply and install roof tiles for new homes; restores and repairs roof; and re-roofs existing homes, extensions and renovations.

At Sacramento Roofing we make sure to do roofing professionally such as:

Sacramento Roofing replaces all broken and chipped tiles. We repair all ridge caps and gables. We do repairs and replacement on lead flashing; we treat valleys against rust; re spike and replace all brackets for guttering; install full length runs of guttering where feasible; cut new downpipe droppers and install the same where necessary.

Sacramento roofing does all roofing services for you.

1017 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
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